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Neonatal unit and neonatal network annual summary reports

Select from the criteria below to view an annual summary report of NNAP results from 2014 to 2020, for any neonatal unit or network.

Please note that from 2017 data onwards, we report outlier analysis and main report measures using a “no imputation” approach. By this we mean that rates of adherence to standards, or rates of clinical outcomes are described for the babies where the outcome is known. This means that results from 2017 onwards may not be directly comparable with results from 2014 - 2016 as displayed in the annual report, unit and network data sections and poster downloads. In previous years missing data were counted as negative outcomes or non-adherence to standards.

All outlier data and longitudinal outlier data (available from 2015-2019) are reported using the “no imputation” approach for all years, so are comparable. For more information about the NNAP measures, please see the current NNAP annual report and the NNAP measures guides.

For the Bloodstream infection, QSID CLABSI and Necrotising enterocolitis reports include all units with:

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